Online Expenses Pilot

We will shortly commence a pilot project for submitted and processing online expenses using Core Expense.

This will eliminate the need to complete paper forms in terms of Leave of Absence, Travel Claims T01), Refunds (T07), Motor Allowances and Car Approvals (T02). Core portal is already used by the majority of staff to check their payslips and obtains P60's as well as applying for annual leave and this expansion of funcationality it part of a larger Core Upgrade project to deliver more online services.

The pilot project will include the Clean Technology Centre, Nimbus & TEC Centres and the Finance Office.  Training session are being provided for all staff and claimants in these centres.

Our pilot project kicked off on 15th October and traininng sessions are being provided in October and November. It is planned to go live with our pilot on Monday 23rd November and only online expenses will be processed for the pilot group after that date, so it is important if you are in the pilot group that you attend one of the training sessions. To ensure that your account is properly configured before the training session advance booking is essential. Please select your preferred option below to book

Training Session Available

Book 25th October 1pm

Book 26th October 1pm

Book 8th November 1pm

Book 9th November 1pm


Training & Reference Material

Core Portal Testing System Link:

User Guide: CIT ESS Quick Reference Guides v1.3 (08.11.18).pdf

Training Exercises:Online Expenses Training Exercises Oct-Nov 2018 v2.docx

Sample Receipts for Training: Conference Fee Receipt.pdf     Toll Receipt.JPG      UK Rail Ticket.JPG




  1. Can I get my conference fee refunded in advance ?
  2. Can I submit for 'Pre-approval after the date ?
  3. My trip has been saved but is not paid
  4. My kilometers were input, but are showing up a zero cost

  1. Can I get my conference fee refunded in advance ?

    Yes. Just ensure that the date on your expense claim is the DATE YOU PAID the fee on the conference dates, as the system will not list items for future dates for payment.

    If it is a foreign currency and you have the Euro amount charged to you card you can claim it as a Euro amount, provided the scanned receipt also has documentation showing the euro amount.

  2. Can I submit for 'Pre-approval after the date ?

    CIT Travel and Expense Policy provides for Pre-approval of all travel and expenses. However in some instances this is not always possible and the system will allow you to submit for pre-approval for a date that has passed.

    All expenses must be claimed by the end of the month following the month in which they were incurred and to this end, the system will not accept dates over 90 days in the past.

  3. My trip has been saved but is not paid

    If your trip has a status of saved you have not submitted for pre-approval or submitted for payment. This option should be available to you and will send the trip through the workflow approval process.

  4. My kilometers were input, but are showing up a zero cost

    If you insurance has expired, then the system will zero all our kilometer claims until the insurance details are updated. You can update you insurance details under the My Primary Car widget.

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